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"I got my planter in the mail yesterday and I’m so happy with how cute it is! I love that it uses compostable materials too. I just planted my basil and I’m excited to watch it grow. I’m good with plants, but new at growing from seeds— luckily the directions were clear and easy. It also comes with plant food that I can share with my other little plant babies."

- Vee Amazon

" I was hesitant on purchasing this because I don't have much of a green thumb. Directions are straightforward and easy to follow. I even received a sample pack of seeds that I wasn't expecting, sweet! Sellar is quick to respond with any questions and I was able to purchase an additional planter for the sample seed kit. Would recommend as a gift!"

- A.P. Amazon

"I love this design so much- it's adorable and so eco-friendly! The instructions were easy to follow and provide expectations for the plant's growth. I can't wait to start getting some fresh basil to use in my cooking!"

-Ivi Amazon