Welcome Home to House of Aster

Well hello, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Tishana and I run House of Aster. You may have been brought here from my other shop Coco and Seed. If so I would not be surprised as this site kicked off with a collaboration from Coco and Seed to bring you a new sustainable self-watering garden kit.

First let’s start off with what House of Aster is! It’s a collaboration company that specializes in exclusive home good collections. The first addition to the garden collection has been launched by my garden and nature themed shop Coco and Seed.


Main Goals:

Honor the Maker

So much good can come from collaboration. Support is such a huge factor. The goal here is to honor the maker and share their story.

Bring out the best in products and people

High quality, well thought out products that bring out the best in people to make them happy. The goal is that products should focus on how it can improve their new owner’s life but should also be shown in its best light. Products showcased in House of Aster will have the opportunity to have promo photos taken at no cost to the maker.


Collaboration products are chosen or made specifically to be showcased on House of Aster. They are meant to highlight a key/rare product. The goal is to bring about awareness to the maker’s shop and offer other benefits of different exposure.


Not meant to be tied down to one thing, this collection based model is intended to  expand into all areas of the home, from indoors to out. Kitchen accessories, living room essentials, bedroom must-haves, bathroom favorites, patio flair, and more.


More details will be coming soon. If you are a maker and are interested in being apart of the inclusive House of Aster brand with your exclusive product get in touch via the form below or by sending an email to partner [at] houseofaster.com with the subject line “Shop Name” - HOA Partner Inquiry


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