Our focus is telling your business story using photography and videography and sharing those with your audience using ads
What We Do Focus On:
- Storytelling Photography 
- Short Form Videography
- Ad creation and ad management
(this includes audience research, copy for your ad, tracking and data reporting, creating graphics, and optimizing keywords.)
What We Don't Focus On:
- email marketing
- blog writing
- social media management
- packaging design
- print design
- web design 
- product sourcing/market research
- UGC (User Generated Content)
- Website maintenance
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
- listing creation (Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, woo commerce, eBay, etc)

Why is this?
As a small business owner myself for products, I do all of this and more in my business. And it's a lot to focus on. Wanting to focus on creating helpful and fun products and getting them out to you is the goal but ultimately there are so many things in between you need to do. When you're stretched too thin other important things fall by the wayside. The most important thing is to get your products or services seen and connect with your audience. Here at House of Aster Agency, we focus on those key things.
Where you may have seen our work:
Short Form Videography
Short Form Videography includes captivating videos for your website, Instagram reels, TikTok, Meta/Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. These explain more than what a photo can convey. Whether behind the scenes at your workstation, demonstrating your product, or answering FAQs in video form, at House of Aster we can capture that for you.
You've worked hard on creating your products, make sure that you have beautiful, enticing, and emotionally connecting shots to grab your future customer's attention right away. Here is where House of Aster comes in. Whether you need your products on a plain white background for your e-commerce shop or you need more detailed shots to convey a message and connect with your audience, we have all angles covered.
Ad Creation and Management
You need captivating, scroll-stopping ads to connect to your audience. Whether that is creating brand awareness campaigns or catalog campaigns, or you're focused on conversions and increasing sales you'll need the best graphics, researched keywords, SEO, and analytics of your ads to know what works and to increase your end results!
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